Trouble downoading ISO image too!

nick loh
  • nick loh

    nick loh - 2002-01-11

    i downloaded the iso haflway over a dial-up (tat is all i have)
    and when it try to resume the next day it was gone , i hope u'll put it back up
    cos i've downloaded it halfway..and it sures take a long time to download using dial-up,
    i understand tat 100mb++ may actually take alot bandwith.Mayb u can host tis file
    on one of those free hosting tat provide 100mb , or mayb u can break the file up and put it on difrrent hosting sites..and write a script or batch file to combine them back to on file

    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2002-01-11

      It's Back!


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