I got It!, but...

  • Emmanuel

    Emmanuel - 2002-03-21

    It took forever but I got the iso. The problem is that my computer restarts when just after grub comes up. The grub menu show up briefly, I see it loading the kernel, and then... it reboots. This was on my Pentium 200 Mhz MMX. I got it to boot on my Pentium II, but starting X failed. It said no frame buffer device. My PII had a Permida2 video card and apperantly framebuffer for this card doesn't work. Any ideas? I'm really interested in this project> I just tried to install gnustep in linux slackware 8.0 but it can't find libxml2 and ff something and they are both installed. But that's another story... Any ideas?

    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2002-03-21

      The first problem you had was cause by your cpu type, the kernel needs an i686.

      The second problem was just what you guessed, yu have a video card which does not support the vesa 2.0 standard

      I'm currently hard at work creating a REAL distro, the file you doenloaded was basically a quick demo to perk up interest.



    • Emmanuel

      Emmanuel - 2002-03-21

      I hope you continue the work. I thought I'd share some of my ideas. First, can you make it run on a i586, at least! my PII is my "production" environment. I thought about having a centralized "control center" where you can configure the system. Printers (CUPS), sound (ALSA), services like crond, X windows, menu system, etc. Of course some of these will require a root password so the program should ask for it when needed. It would be nice if it could detect most devices like video cards, mice, etc and pre-configure them. Just a thought... I can't wait till the REAL distro. I hope there will be some unity for once. No more GTK/Qt/Tk/XForms mess.Just GNUStep.


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