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Re ISO and CDs

  • Tito Mari Francis H. Escano

    I'm a newbie and I need advice and tips how to transfer ISO images to CDs. Any hardware-software kits to suggest how to get this done? I'd highly appreciate it.
    Thank you very much!

    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2002-11-14


      What type of computer/OS are you using?

      also note that SGSTEP is in major overhaul mode and the install disc you want to DL is not exactly first-rate and may frustrate you.


    • Tito Mari Francis H. Escano

      I use Windows 98 on a Pentium box at the moment and plan to try OS/2 Warp (and Linux soon). Can you please suggest me give me some hardware and/or software kits I could use at hopefully all these environments, especially in Linux? If not, I'll just settle for what works both in Windows and Linux.
      Re SGSTEP, I expect it to have better installation functionality in the very near future. I want to get a first-hand experience in trying to burn-in this distro on a disc.
      Thank you very much!


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