• Erik Dalén

    Erik Dalén - 2001-07-26

    I'd be intrested in contributing to such a project as this one. There's no contact adress though. I saw the project is quite new. so that might be the explanation.

    /Erik (dalen at jpl dot nu)

    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2001-07-29

      That's great!  As with many, many sourforge projects, there is a entry but no code :-(.

      That's because I came up with the idea right before I was about to move from California to Hawaii.  I have only recently received my computer so nothing has been done yet.
        My plan is to take a current linux/gnu distribution (the simplest the better, which is why I think Slackware is good candidate), update it to the newest kernel, gcc, gnustep, XF86, etc, then strip out everything that is not essential for the basic user/developer workstation.
        This doesn't seem to be a difficult feat in itself, the problem is that gnustep changes sooo fast.

      So I propose this:
        1.  Get the current Slackware release
        2.  Modify the installation scripts to remove all the "fat"
        3.  Modify the boot sequence so that a graphical interface is present for the user as much as possible using the framebuffer and a great program called Aurora
     and the graphical lilo
        4.  Take the result and call it "Step One" (note this will be an installable cd-rom image)
        5.  Make "Step One" use gcc version 3.x and gnustep from CVS.  This will be "Step Two"
        6.  Compile most gnustep programs on this system (GNUmail, GORM, etc)
        7.  When the gnustep development gets to a more stable point (when?  no idea)  slap it all together to create an installable CD image
        8.  Maybe write a book about using this system?

      I'm just now getting settled in, but i've got my system running now (as of today!).  I plan to use VMWare on my WindowsXP machine to make the process as easy as possible.

      Do you have any suggestions?  I'm all ears!


    • m. belyaev

      m. belyaev - 2002-01-12

      hi Chad

      some questions:
      0. why slackware? there're more stripped down distros, i think you also visited 'linux from scratch' project (from google groups).
      1. what packaging system do you vision? slack's tarballs?
      2. so this is basically a new linux distro w/winmaker? is it going to be media oriented, or ease of use, or what?
      3. what kernel features do you plan to include? (pre-emt patch, whose vm, devfs...)
      4. are you planning any major soft. re-writes in obj-c? how is it going to be integrated into the distro vs gcc?
      5. am i correct in understanding that you compiled the kernel w/gcc 3.02? i have not tried it, did you have any snags?
      6. is it going to be close in feel to beos, by any chance?


      • Andy Sveikauskas

        The parent comment about Slackware is dated in July, when there was no ISO to download.  That said, the ISO doesn't seem to be Slackware-y.

        As for a packager, Chad has implied that he wants to use RPM.  I asked how I could help the project, and he asked if I could write an objC/GNUstep RPM managing thing.  I started coding one, but it's nothing impressive (an "Rpm" class with file and database access), so I don't think it's worth releasing.  Feel free to beat me to the task.  :-)

    • Andrew Green

      Andrew Green - 2002-01-12

      Chad -

      First off - is there a link to download the preview ISO?  :-)

      Secondly, I'd like to help.  I'm a huge windowmaker fan, and a HUGE slackware fan.  Unfortunately I'm not much of a C coder, but I could do a lot of the dirty work I think AFA helping to prep a distro.

      Let me know what you think.


    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2002-01-13

      Oh yeah, the idea of using slackware was an old one.  I decided to go use the info at linuxfromscratch, but not exactly to the letter (ie gcc 3.0x) to start building the distro.

      As for the package system, I say go with what has already been done, RPM. 

      Can't wait to see those RPM classes!


    • Nathan Aschbacher

      You may want to use a Debian style package system since that is the system that was used as the basis for the Darwin package format.

      Just a thought.

      • Chad Hardin

        Chad Hardin - 2002-03-23

        The issue of package systems was discussed since the begining.

        I finally decided to use the RPM system, but not actual Red Hat RPMs.

        RedHat and derivative (Mandrake) RPMS most likely will not work.  To avoid confusion, the SGSTEP RPMS will end weith the .sgstep extension, not the .rpm extension.

        I plan to "hide" the package management system from the users, all they will be aware of is the general concept of Automatically updatin gtheir software.  not the architecture of RPM.



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