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  • Diver With Knife

    Hey, Chad!

    What's about localization of this OS? It looks pretty cool, though, I have not tried it out. I hope the system will be friendly to localizing. Keep up good work.


    • Chad Hardin

      Chad Hardin - 2003-03-09

      I will try my best to make this work.  This will require lots of multi-lingual volunteers though!


      • Anonymous - 2003-09-17

        I can try. :)

    • Francisco Gonzalez

      I can help you out too.  I speak spanish.

      • Chad Hardin

        Chad Hardin - 2003-10-31

        Cool.  What I would suggest is that you stroll on down to and/or, find some of the authors for various gnustep softwares and see about helping them in localizing their software for spanish.

        When I have completed the english version of, I will need your skills as well.


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