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Simplus: new version 0.91 released

simplus is c++ library for constructing event driven simulations with a virtual time. Use it e.g. for telecomm., engineering, traffic simulations or simulation based games. It is lean, fast and portable and easily scales to millions of simulated objects.

The new version has some bugfixes and code clean up.

New features include: new command line options, an enhanced configuration file parser and the logger can now be redirected.

Posted by Hans-Peter 2009-01-08

Version 0.9

simplus is a C++ library for constructing event-driven simulations with an abstraction for processes, messages, virtual time, and more. It features a built-in debugger, support for configuration files, and a flexible logging mechanism. It is lean, fast, and portable. It can be used for telecommunication, engineering, for traffic simulations, simulation based games, or as a framework for your own simulator.... read more

Posted by Hans-Peter 2008-10-14

Version 0.8.4 : bugfix release

fixed a potential memory management problem on program termination and some build problems on Microsoft Visual C++. No new features.

Posted by Hans-Peter 2007-12-12

simplus 0.8.3

re-factoring of some components, feature enhancements and minor performance optimizations.

Posted by Hans-Peter 2007-09-08