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Simple Spreadsheet 0.8 released

* added French translation from Ben
* added the option to load a different stylesheet
* added width and height parameters to graph functions
* added copying a cell into several cells
* changed save() function to split format conversion and layout
* fixed setting dimensions in the GUI
* fixed exporting empty rows to CSV

Posted by Thomas Bley 2007-06-07

Simple Spreadsheet 0.7 released

* added the option to disable automatic recalculation (better performance)
* added the option to jump to another page with the gotoCell function
* added paging for cursor keys, page up, page down, home, end keys
* changed "readonly" to affect only the value
* fixed calculations after column AA

Posted by Thomas Bley 2007-03-17

Simple Spreadsheet 0.6 released

* added load button to the top menu
* added documentation for string functions
* fixed loading CSV data in IE
* fixed a problem with missing quotes in CSV data
* fixed a problem with copy/pasting cells into each other

Posted by Thomas Bley 2007-01-29

Simple Spreadsheet 0.5 released

* added Italian translation from Nicola Canepa
* added Spanish translation from Cesar Reyes
* added import for tab separated values (= copy/paste from Excel)
* added styles to the manual
* added accesskeys for new / save / close
* added option to use HTML in a cell
* added loading sheets from an URL
* added multiline editor
* added TinyMCE html editor
* fixed a problem with displaying data formats
* fixed layout problems on the start page with IE

Posted by Thomas Bley 2006-12-10

Simple Spreadsheet 0.4 released

* added English / German translations from Sophie Lee
* added new start page for language selection
* added index_offline.html for offline usage
* fixed problem with saving the data in IE
* fixed csv import

Posted by Thomas Bley 2006-11-29

Simple Spreadsheet 0.3 released

* added sorting
* added CSV import, export
* added export to Simple Groupware

Posted by Thomas Bley 2006-06-22

Simple Spreadsheet 0.2 released

* added date and currency formats
* added column/row merging
* added group bar graph, scatter graph,
accumulated bar graph and line graph
* added live preview when typing
* added selecting ranges
* added cut/copy/paste with ranges
* some fixes for saving data

Posted by Thomas Bley 2006-06-13

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