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"Knowledge" Release

In my last post I said hopefully in the next two weeks the new version would be out, and that was well two weeks ago. Besides the usual life issues cropping up (these last two weeks have been worse than normal) I am still battling with the bug I posted about in the last news post. Once I can wrap my head around fixing that then we are a go (everything else is pretty much done, all other testing an so on). Thanks for being patient.

Posted by Robert MacLean 2005-04-26

"Knowledge" Release

Just a little informal news update for people that check out the news...

The next version of SimpleRSS, code named "Knowledge", development is well underway and there is one highly visible bug to squash, then it's on to the the test system (a good few days should no bugs appear) and then on to the rollout...So if all goes well hopefully in the next two weeks :D

A bit of a spoiler for those wanting to know more about what can be expected:
Loading from HTTP - So now no more having to download a page yourself then use a load from file, now intergrating the power of Indy it will load direct from HTTP!... read more

Posted by Robert MacLean 2005-04-12

SimpleRSS Version 0.3 Released

SimpleRSS, is a exceeding easy to use and popular component solution for developers using Borlands Delphi and Kylix languages to intergrate with RSS, RDF and Atom feeds has reached version 0.3 after a long road.

Together with new features such as support for RDF and Atom, SimpleRSS now supports the .Net platform for even greater choice in development.

This is also the launch of the SimpleRSS website ( which contains easy access to information on SimpleRSS, and RSS in general.... read more

Posted by Robert MacLean 2005-03-15

SimpleRSS 0.3

Yes there will be an update for it :D
The first big thing in it will be Delphi 8 support (you will need D8 update 2 though). There will also be one change in the existing code: The IsPermaLink for a GUID will change from being a default of False to a default of True. This is just to make sure it is compatible with the RSS spec which defaults it to true.
I am also looking at doing 2 or 3 other things with it (such as a LoadFromHTTP method etc...)... read more

Posted by Robert MacLean 2004-03-25

Going forward

The project has been idle recently, but I have been working on it.
The next version will use TXMLDocument rather than JEDI's SimpleXML.
This is for 3 reasons
1) It allows the project to be used more widely as JEDI is not needed
2) It simplies the licencing issues: In the past you had to conform to the lgpl (for simplerss) and the mpl (for jedi). Now you just need to conform to the lgpl
3) It runs on Windows (Delphi) and Linux (Kylix) - In fact my new site which I'm working on is powered by an apache DSO on a RedHat 8 box and uses SimpleRSS great.... read more

Posted by Robert MacLean 2003-12-05

loading of rss 2.0 done, another test app, website

there is now full support for loading of RSS 2.0 feeds!!!
date/time support is still very weak when loading

there is also a second test app available. it's just a simple aggreator i whipped up in 5 minutes with delphi and simple rss :D

and finally craig boltman (local web master) has finished the design for the site. I just got to give him some content for it now.

Posted by Robert MacLean 2003-04-24

another update

the project now has 2 other developers and a great web designer :)

i uploaded the cvs last night with the fix to the categories as well as some of the import code working.

i also finally found some information on the pics ratings.
it looks like the pics rating is just a string field, so i'll pop that into the system tonight and then the export will finally be done, and i can pop this project from being in alpha state to alpha (import)/beta(export) state.

Posted by Robert MacLean 2003-04-10

First CVS Available

I uploaded the first CVS last night for SimpleRSS.

In case you don't know what RSS is see

The categories (in the channel section and the item section) aren't working in it. I got it working later last night though, so I'll upload that tonight.
Only thing left is to get the rating working.

I also started on the import stuff (ie you can load an RSS file into the system) after the CVS. Thats just started so it's not working yet.

Posted by Robert MacLean 2003-04-09

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