Simple Mechanics Simulator (SiMS) / News: Recent posts

Version 1.1

A new minor version has been released, consisting of an english translation of the code.

Posted by Jakob Odersky 2009-12-04


An english translation has been committed to the svn repository (revision 7).

Posted by Jakob Odersky 2009-11-29

Detailed Explanation

A detailed explanation about SiMS and physics simulation in general is now available. It is part of the one-year project and written in German.

Posted by Jakob Odersky 2009-11-08

1st Release

A first executable .jar file of Graphyx is available for download. (No Scala needed to run)

Posted by Jakob Odersky 2009-11-05

Source Code on SVN

After a little trouble to start with, source code for SiMS and Graphyx is now available at the SVN repository

Posted by Jakob Odersky 2009-11-05