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  1. What is Simple IP Config?
  2. Installing / Uninstalling
  3. Using the Program

What is Simple IP Config?

Simple IP Config is a small utility that allows a user to quickly and easily change the most common network settings on a Windows machine for any network connection. It also displays the current network information for the selected adapter. No more clicking through the seemingly endless windows and menus to simply change your IP address!

  • Automatically set IP address and DNS server (DHCP)
  • Set static IP address
  • Set subnet mask
  • Set default gateway
  • Set primary and alternate DNS servers

This is a simple solution for those who must change IPs frequently for work, home, etc...

The program is set up with an interface similar to the built-in Windows network configuration screen; however, Simple IP Config offers many more features without the burden of clicking through endless windows.

What Simple IP Config is NOT

Simple IP Config is not a program that will change a computer's public IP address enabling the user to use the program with malicious intent.


Simple IP Config requires no installation.
Simply download and run the latest .exe file!


To uninstall Simple IP Config, simply delete the .exe file from your computer.

Using Simple IP Config

Automatic Configuration (DHCP)

To automatically assign an IP, select "Obtain IP Address Automatically" and press apply or hit the ENTER key. This will grab an IP from the DHCP server.
To automatically assign a DNS server, select "Obtain DNS server Automatically" and press apply or hit the ENTER key.

Static IP Configuration

To set a static IP address, enter at minimum an IP address and subnet mask (Gateway, Primary DNS, and Alternate DNS are optional). Press the Apply button or hit the ENTER key when you are ready to apply the new settings. Entries you do not wish to set may be left blank.

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