John Schlick - 2012-10-26

First thank you for posting a problem statement with almost all of the information I need. Thats rare.

$meta->content = something...

There is no content routine, so it calls the magic method __set in the simple_html_dom_node class.

Line 765 and 757 (of the current codebase out of trunk) determine what happens when that attribute doesn't exist. (and I haven't looked at the _ array in a while, so I'm not commenting on what this does)

Then line 759 adds the attribute to the attr array.

My advice is to do a couple of things. first pull down the sourceforge debugobject project, so that you can turn on debug (simple_html_dom instrumented for the sourceforge debugobject), and then after you confirm that set is properly being called, do a ->dump of the node before and after the call to set to see that the attribute is actually being set.

Let me know what you find. (as in, if I have time, I will try to recreate this and see what happens, but I've been really busy of late)

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