nickl- - 2012-07-07

You are absolutely right, innertext and outertext are like these magic little containers that has no value before you actually call them for the first time and whatever you put in there does not reflect backward as nodes and forward as children but does magically get rendered as you would expect in the end.

I would not change this functionality because of its simplicity and the fact that it satisfies the majority of use cases and by changing how they are built and used will make everything too complex and to do it only for a few use cases is not motivation enough.

I have written solution for the DomDocument addicts going through cold turkey and just not sure what to do with all this freedom. By adding the familiar createElement and appendChild constructs you are able to populate the actual nodes with actual, well yes nodes again. Which are traversable after the fact.

Now if I could only work out how to contribute to this project on this big white elephant in the room. There was a reason I never joined sf, what was it again? Oh yes github!