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Minified script updated

Achieved a small reduction of script size for Simple_Viewer_beta_1.1-min.js.

Posted by Munawwar 2010-10-06

Updated toolbar-ext.js

I updated toolbar-ext.js a few hours ago. Reason: I found a minor bug in the code.Now its fixed :)

Posted by Munawwar 2010-09-13

All files zipped into one!

An anonymous user posts "put them in a zip file for download. ".
So..Yes, I put them into a zip file for download. It also includes a few examples.

Posted by Munawwar 2010-09-13

Image Viewer 1.1 is here!

Improved image centering. Also supports basic extensions.
I have added a toolbar extension.
I have updated the website, looks lot better now :). The home page now begins with a quick demonstration of the features and on how to integrate the viewer into your website.
Included in the website is a 'Tips and Extensions' section and also a section dedicated to list out some of the image viewers I have come across in the internet.

Posted by Munawwar 2010-09-07

Image viewer 1.1 coming soon

I am updating the image viewer to support user defined extensions and also now the image actually fits the frame (unlike before).

The website (which is currently really lame) shall be updated to help you get a quick start with the image viewer, and also will be providing a few tips,tricks and extensions.
I am also planning to document each internal function.

Also on a research to add markers to images, like the markers in google maps.

Posted by Munawwar 2010-09-03

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