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JAVA-SIMPL v0.1.0 released

This is the first release of the JNI based JAVA-SIMPL library. This allows Linux based JAVA programs to connect to Linux based SIMPL applications.

Posted by bob findlay 2009-03-31

SIMPL-Python v1.3 released

The SIMPL-Python extension has been significantly enhanced in this release.

i) SIMPL-Python scripts running on non Linux OSs can now use the tclSurrogate protocol to connect seemlessly to a SIMPL application running on Linux.

ii) SIMPL-Python web applications can now connect to a SIMPL application

Posted by bob findlay 2009-01-27

SIMPL-Tcl/Tk v1.5 released

v1.5 reorganizes the SIMPL-Tcl/Tk code base as follows:

a) the tclSurrogate code has been relocated to core SIMPL tarball
b) new STF unit tests are included
c) the tcl subdirectory now embeds the version number

Posted by bob findlay 2009-01-27

SIMPL v3.3.0 released

This release is a reorganization release for the most part. v3.3.0 includes these items:

a) now defaults to /var/tmp as the sandbox if FIFO_PATH is not defined
b) accepts multiple users in a single sandbox
c) continues the makefile makeover in preparation for a Debian release
d) embeds the SIMPL version number in top directory name
e) SIMPL core library is now C++ compatible

Posted by bob findlay 2009-01-27

SIMPL v3.2.2 released

This is a minor bug fix release. The Makefiles have undergone a makeover to better conform to the Debian standards. The main change concerns the inclusion of the obj, bin and lib subdirectories directly in the tarball rather than have them created by the respective Makefiles.

Posted by bob findlay 2008-12-01

Programming the SIMPL Way book published

The creators of SIMPL have written a book. It is available now at:


Posted by bob findlay 2008-10-07

SIMPL v3.2.1 released

This is a minor bug fix release which fixes some issues with the total build.

Posted by bob findlay 2008-05-13

SIMPL: v3.2.0 released

Send/Receive/Reply messaging, popularized in commericial RTOS's such as QNX, is intuitive and simple to understand and an immensely powerful way of designing distributed software applications. This project aims to bring these tools to Linux.

This release adds the RS232 surrogate to the mix. It also changes the default header format for TCP/IP intersurrogate communications to text format in anticipation of fully obsoleting binary (byte order dependent) format in future releases.

Posted by bob findlay 2008-04-22


The creators of the SIMPL toolkit have decided to write a book. The working title is:

Linux Programming the SIMPL Way

The hope is to have the book published ( by spring 2008.

If you want to be notified when the book is out click through to the form below.


Posted by bob findlay 2007-08-08

SIMPL v3.1.2 released

This is a minor bug fix release which removes some extra debug simpl_log() calls which were in the previous release.

Posted by bob findlay 2007-05-16

SIMPL v3.1.1 released

SIMPL v3.1.1 has been released. It is a minor bug fix release which corrects a possible runaway condition in the TCP/IP surrogate.

Posted by bob findlay 2007-01-15

SIMPL v3.1.0 released

This marks a minor release. A new core function, Relay(), has been added to the SIMPL API. The softwareIC called proxy is an illustration of where such a function might be useful.

This release also completes the separation of the Tcl/Tk and Python hooks from the main SIMPL tarball. This should simplify the installation of the core SIMPL toolset on those systems neither Tcl/Tk nor Python will be used.

Posted by bob findlay 2006-08-14

SIMPL v3.0.3 released

This release adds the optional b_port option to the surrogateTcp. This allows for a simple proxy to be inserted into a loopback test. This proxy can be used in conjunction with test s0003 as a framework for sluggish network testing.

Posted by bob findlay 2006-04-24

SIMPL v3.0.2 released

This is a minor bug fix release.

It focused on cleanup and some small tweeks in the Tcl surrogate area in support of the effort in the IOA Library project

Posted by bob findlay 2006-02-07

SIMPL v3.0.1 released

A couple of files were missed from the previous tarball. This release corrects that ommission.

Posted by bob findlay 2006-01-22

SIMPL v3.0.0 released

This is a significant release. It incorporates the tcp_x stuff back into the regular surrogate tree. It significantly simplifies the interface between the protocol router and its surrogates.

Posted by bob findlay 2006-01-10

SIMPL v2.5.0 released

This represents our third release on the path to v3.0.

I've upped the version number because this release adds a check for the existence of the local receiver/sender by the appropriate surrogate child during the keep alive sequence.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-12-20

SIMPL v2.4.2 released

This release fixes enough bugs in the experimental surrogate (tcp_x) that I'm calling it our second release candidate toward the v3.0 goal.

This release should cure most of the reported ills surrounding the keep alive

Posted by bob findlay 2005-11-25

SIMPL v2.4.1 released

This is a minor bug fix release which fixes the SIMPL_TCP_X registration with the protocol router to enable surrogateTcp_x to coexist with the surrogateTcp.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-11-14

SIMPL v2.4.0 released

This release contains the first prerelease of the v3.0 style surrogates. The code builds both the older TCP surrogate as well as the new.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-11-12

SIMPL v2.3.6 released

This fixes a bug in remote name_detach() that v2.3.5 patches inadvertantly introduced.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-09-29

simpl v2.3.5 released

This is a minor bug fix release that fixes the proxy logic for the possibility that shmid=0.

It also fixes the HOSTNAME logic so that it is not dependent on the HOSTNAME environment variable.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-09-26

SIMPL v2.3.4 released

SIMPL v2.3.4 is a minor bug fix release. It addresses some enhanced error reporting in the remote name_locate() section as well as corrects a possible minor buffer overflow.

Posted by bob findlay 2005-04-19

SIMPL v2.3.3 released

A bug fix release v2.3.3 is now available.

This release allows a proxyID of 0 to be valid in the Trigger() call. The TCP/IP surrogates use a proxyID of 0 for their cleanup.


Posted by bob findlay 2005-02-09

SIMPL v2.3.2 released

SIMPL v2.3.2 fixes a problem with the Trigger() proxy function. Proxy ID can now be used for such things as notification of expiry of timers etc.

Posted by bob findlay 2004-11-19

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