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Freeniverse is founded on JOSCC

Freeniverse's foundation is JOSCC, a new project is (being) created on SF called Java Online Server-Client Core. JOSCC will provide Freeniverse with complete server and client features. It will allow Freeniverse to be as expandable as possible!

We'll post a comment below when the project web page is available. If there isn't any webapge yet, please contact the adminstrators of Freeniverse.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2006-04-09

The server is now working!

We have a new version of The Epnal World that fixes a bug in the client. It turns out to be a client bug, and not a server one, as we assumed.

For more information, see this page:

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2006-03-14

Our Story - lots explained

I am sure that some of you are wondering why we have two names - The Epnal World and Freeniverse - and why it is taking such a long time to release the fabled v0.3. Well, here's an article just posted on our website that should help clear things up a bit...

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2006-02-15

Epnal World v0.2 Beta Release 2 Is Here!!!

It isn't the fabled v0.3, but it is new. Please check the WhatsNew.txt file included in the Program download for the new stuff.

Lately things have been bouncy. We got 12 developers, now only 4 are responding. We aren't going to be releasing v0.3 by the end of the year as expected, but we do have a clear path of what we are going to do.

Please post a comment if you have any questions, comments, etc. Thanks!

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-12-16

Developer Talk Time

All developers have been gathered to talk about where this project is headed. We hope that users will be able to watch us talk, but cannot participate, unless they become a developer.

We are talking about everything from what the game should be about, down to how each module should communicate.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-09-13

Two Main Developers Fork - Project Still Active

After arguing between simmdev and noahbedford on almost every idea, a developer, under the ID of noahbedford, plans to fork. There are faults on both sides, I must admit.

The project is still active despite the split. noahbedford was only the website designer, so another website guy has been found.

noahbedford has also chmod-ed the website's files, so that no-one but him can change, or delete, the website files under index.html, so the website has been moved to read more

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-09-04

v0.3 Is Coming

We hope to have v0.3 out by the end of this year. The changes and additions should be:

+- = Will be made
?- = Might not make it into the next version.
??- = Might not be made at all

*-Basic expansion engine with enough to support the below expansions
*-Basic expansions which will be:
*-OurMusic Expansion
*-OurWorldViewer Expansion
*-OurChatWindow Expansion
*-OurLoginWindow Expansion
?-Secure logins
?-Freeniverse's security engine on all clients and servers
?-F.W.G.S., which is (F)reeniverse's (W)indow (G)enerator (S)cript
??-F.U.E.L., whcih is (F)reeniverse's (U)nderstandable (E)xpansion (L)anguage... read more

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-08-03

Project Temporarily Suspended

Currently all developers are busy, and cannot work on The Epnal World. The scheduled month for the resuming of work is September.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-08-02

The v0.2b1 Released, Not Game Yet...

The latest version of The Epnal World has been released, but it's not a game yet. The past two releases have been the "spring board" for the v0.3 release, which will be the basic game. (We think this will be the second release from now.)

In this release, we added user-friendly GUI. Almost everything is user-friendly, up to the point of starting the game. This part is tricky, yet we hope to automate it for our next version.... read more

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-06-06

Next version ideas...

In the next version, we hope to have a basic game running. Here are the ideas:

* 2nd priority

*-Ability to add on to our game in almost any aspect
-Chat window
-Basic GUI

Any features you suggest will be made in later versions, although you can suggest now.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-01-26

A dissapointing file release still relieves us all

We released The Epnal World v0.1 on January 23, 2005. However, this release is not an actual game! This may be dissapointing, but this version is assuring everyone that the server and clients are going to work. While we are looking for an available computer for our new server, the future is looking bright.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2005-01-23

Planning full speed ahead...

Planning is flying at full speed. We hope to be releasing a VERY simple server and client, that'll at least allow you to register by early Febuary at the latest. We are currently looking for C++ and C developers. To talk more about this, go to the public forums.

Posted by Jacob Godserv 2004-12-29

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