Where are the installand run instructions?

  • Frank McCown

    Frank McCown - 2006-09-12

    I can't seem to find any documentation in any of your packages that show how to actually install and run your stuff.  Surely there's a basic program you've already set up that runs all the distance metrics using default values?


    • jgconrad

      jgconrad - 2006-09-15

      I think Rev. Sam has tried to do this through some of the support classes like SimpleTask found in the task directory.

      I nonetheless agree with Frank McCown's sentiment.  For those who may be less proficient in java than Sam, it would be beneficial to have some basic instructions on how to get started and be productive---in order to permit one to quickly conduct some initial tests with one's own data.

      Thanks,  --JGC

      • ReverendSam

        ReverendSam - 2006-11-02

        I have added a new class SimpleExample.java into the CVS code repository (it will be available in the next release in the zipped code download, i.e. post 1.5)

        for those that cannot wait the core body of the class is simply a java call to a simple metric and test example, e.g.

                    AbstractStringMetric metric = new Levenshtein();
                    float result = metric.getSimilarity(str1, str2);

        this creates a metric, in this case levenshtein and performs a test upon two provided strings. The class takes these strings from the command line and returns the result.

        If you need to view this file see the soucreforge CVS project files. I hope this helps.


        P.S. of course do not forget to try and use different metrics Levenshtein is very dated and not suited to many tasks, (for advice see the bestmetric forum)

        • ReverendSam

          ReverendSam - 2006-11-27

          This is now included in the latest release (version 1.6) in source downloads and also in the jar (where the file SimpleTest.java) is set to be the default executable if running the jar file. I would recomend as a starting point looking at this file but taking the code and modifying it to your own needs).

          Any problems post a new help msg thread with the problems.

  •  crazy-me

    crazy-me - 2010-03-11

    I am sorry, but I'm fairly new to Java programming.
    Could you maybe explain how I can use your code in my own project? How/what to import?
    Thanks in advance for any help or advice or explanations you can offer.


  • ReverendSam

    ReverendSam - 2010-03-11

    add the jar in the classpath (look up online if unsure howto do this "sun" should do a basic getting started tutorial.

    add an import to the classes needed (look up online if unsure howto do this "sun" should do a basic getting started tutorial.

    add the code (see SimpleExample.java for a basic version with the relevant imports).


    not sure what else to say.

  •  crazy-me

    crazy-me - 2010-03-11

    Oh, thank you for the fast reply! :) I know how to do all that, so I'll manage fine now, thank you :-)

  •  Davy

    Davy - 2011-03-30

    I'm also having a bit of trouble with this. I can't seem to find the .java files?


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