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  • Chris Parkinson

    Chris Parkinson - 2007-01-04


    I have also been away for Christmas.

    I normally add not only the nunit.core but also the nunit.framework

    these are only necessary for the unit tests to run.

    if you do not want the unit tests to run then delete the unit test tree from the solution and the rest should compile without problems

    hopefully that will solve the problem for you


    • biggero

      biggero - 2007-01-07


      > I normally add not only the nunit.core but also the nunit.framework

      Yes, I can see now that nunit.framework reference has a little exclamation mark on it in the project.

      I have managed to add nunit.core but where is this nunit.framework ref or how to add it?
      There is no nunit.framework.dll in the directories...


      • Chris Parkinson

        Chris Parkinson - 2007-01-07

        you need to download and install nunit

        you can find it under


    • snowflake

      snowflake - 2008-01-14

      I understand what's Chris Parkinson's meaning.Most of us download NUnit's lastest version,or NUnit-2.4.6-net-2.0,or NUnit-2.4.6-net-1.1,or,or others. After setup the NUnit 2.4,the C sharp program(SimMetricsv1.5) also has problem, lack of nunit.framework .
      For several testing,I got the answer:
      First, We should download NUnit 2.2.7 vision from,it's an older release,which is needed in SimMetrics.
      Second, setup NUnit 2.2.7 vision, I setup 1.1, NUnit-2.2.7-net-1.1, the default path.
      Finally, restart your computer may be best.When you open SimMetrics program under visual stutio 2005,there's no problem.It's OK.We don't need to add citation in the program of
        May be this comment can help you.


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