Curious problem with Simdock launcher

Ivo Kremer
  • Ivo Kremer

    Ivo Kremer - 2009-02-28

    I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and have installed Simdock from the repositories.

    I have added Simdock as an item in the Sessions mananger, so it starts automatically every time I log in to my desktop (Gnome session).

    I have added several launchers by editing the launchers.xml file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <description>Firefox web browser</description>
        <path>vlc %f</path>
        <description>Gimp image editor</description>

    The strange thing is: they all work perfectly after I just logged in to my desktop, except for the launcher for Nautilus (command: nautilus). When I click on it, it just flickers, but nothing happens.

    However, when I close Simdock and then manually start it again, that launcher does work.
    So it flickers and Nautilus starts.

    I have tested this several times, over and over again.

    That is what I call a curious problem.

    I thought I could solve this with a delay script. Now every time I log in, Simdock automatically starts 20 after that. But that does not solve the problem either.

    So I am out of ideas now about how to solve this problem.

    Do you have any idea how I can solve this?

    • Ivo Kremer

      Ivo Kremer - 2009-03-01

      There also seems to be an incompatibilty problem, altough this does not seem to be a specific problem with Simdock.

      When I want to add a new launcher to Simdock, I also take a look at the shortcuts in Ubuntu's Main Menu.
      When I edit the Main Menu, I can see the commands behind the shortcuts.

      For example, the command behind Writer is:

      ooffice -writer %U

      But when I add a launcher to Simdock with that very same command and I click on it, the splash screen appearts, but not Writer. What does appear next is the following message:

      /home/ivokremer/%U does not exist.

      It also does not seem to work from the command line.


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