Feedback (simdock getdeb version)

  • didli

    didli - 2007-08-04

    Hi !
    Congratulations for your (very) good work, there's a lot of people who's been waiting for a nice yet efficient dock like yours.
    Thank you for it, and keep up the good work !
    Here's my first glance with simdock  :
    Run smoothly on Ubuntu Feisty, no crash and I am running it for a few hours.
    Sometimes, simdock could interfere with firefox or gnome-panel (or any other app) when loaded (see for a quick view).
    Guess some sort of background/foreground priority problem.
    Simdock look really nice, and PNG/XPM support is a must, it will maybe be useful to also have svg support ?
    Thanks again, I will give a try for the snv/unstable version.
    It's a really good work.

    • didli

      didli - 2007-08-04

      It misses some features, like the ability to show the launchers name. Or maybe it's already implemented (description tag ?) but in this case it isn't working for me...

    • Vexorian

      Vexorian - 2007-08-04

      I think it is very cool, but lacks plenty of things, it should show tooltips like you said, and it should also be always visible for all workspaces and not just for the one it was spawned from.

    • Panther_sn

      Panther_sn - 2007-08-06

      This is a great dock and will be totally awesome once it is up and running fully, couple of things though
      1.Ability to AutoHide dock would be great
      2. Position saving would be good as I have my dock up the top yet when it restarts it is back down the bottom.
      3. When I have the dock open and positioned up the top, All current windows(ie. Firefox) become shorter, but instead of losing a bit at the top where the dock is they have a gap at the bottom, obviously where the program expects the dock to.
      4. Dragging icons from menu to the dock wont work for me they just drop off, no real problem I can add them manually it would just be easier if they could be dragged.

      Anyway GREAT dock I love the fact that it dopesn't need anything like compiz as I dont have 3d graphics, and compiz won't run.

      Keep up the GREAT work I look forward to seeing this project develop nicely

    • David Stocker

      David Stocker - 2008-10-30


      It would be useful to be able to reposition icons by dragging them left and right, so that the order can be manipulated.

      Really nice job.




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