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simback-0.1 is ready to get spread!

simback-0.1 is the first officially stable version of simback, an easy to use, yet UNIXish backup tool.

It's only got improvements over the alpha version as far as bugs are concerned which have all been fixed by now, making it rock-solid.

Posted by Moritz Beller 2005-08-26

simback-0.1-alpha's out!

I take great pride in announcing the first (pre-)version ("alpha") of simback is finally available in the released files section as source code!

To install, type make && sudo make install. Though it is still alpha, the package can clearly be used safely. There won't be any new features in the final simback-0.1 (all of them going into simback-0.2), for alpha-versions are a place where only further security enhancements are being made.... read more

Posted by Moritz Beller 2005-02-21