Konrad Voelkel - 2004-07-22

Because I had stress with the addressbook/phonebook managmenet in siemens cellphones, I wrote a little software (in python) to manage it.

I use me45sync to generate the PhoneBookSM file and the *.VCF files. My software reads these files and generates new ones, better formatted and sorted.

The idea is to put all numbers in the phonebook, edit the phonebook file with some nice tool (as vim or kwrite).

these lines in the PhoneBookSM
1,"1234","H lastname firstname"
2,"5678","M lastname firstname"
will make my tool generate a VCARD with correct lastname/firstname setting and both numbers (H for home and M for mobile/cellphone) in it.

Are you interested in developing this little tool as an add-on?

PS: sorry for my english language, I'm german ;-)
PPS: could you mail me? the address is me45@gekonnt.de