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Grace Zhang

***Updated June 28, 2012: [Demo]

what the tool does

  • Automate converting 80% of XPRESS code (100% of workflow, sub process, rule, and library, and 60% user forms) to IDM product independent java code
  • Automate creating OIM migration instruction for mapping the 20% of XPRESS code (mainly User Form) to the corresponded OIM User Interface component
  • Analyze the existing XPRESS code, and provide the cleanup suggestions for migration

Migration Roadmap

  1. Assess the existing XPRESS CODE
  2. Follow generated instruction to clean up XPRESS CODE
  3. Convert XPRESS to Java
  4. Validate the generated Java based IdM solution under Sun IDM
  5. Re-factor and clean up the generated java code
  6. Follow generated migration instruction to migrate the generated Java code to OIM


  • Get the assessment of the existing XPRESS CODE for clean up and improvement
  • Minimize migration risk by assessing and validating the generated Java code before doing the actual target product migration
  • Generated java code is more easier for cleaning up, validating, refactoring than XPRESS code

Other usage scenarios

  • Use the assessment to clean up code and improve Sun Identity Manager base system
  • Convert XPRESS based code to Java code, reduce the maintenance cost and improve the quality and design by leveraging Java and OOP
  • Migrate Sun Identity Manager based system to other Java based IdM products

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This project is governed by GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt). Please read the license and agree it before downloading any code.


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