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version 0.2a finally released

Hi to all my 20 unknown users!

The alpha version is finally released. Sorry for being late after promising to release - I was busy at my (paid) work (Intel).

The alpha release has a GUI, but I disabled the support for dimentions over 3.

p.s - If you're downloading\using my code PLEASE drop me an e-mail to g_diskin@(sf users) I really want to know what are you using this code for (researching stability properties, simulations, base code for your simulators, example code, learning vpython, something else?)

Posted by G. Diskin 2007-05-02

Version 0.2a release tomorrow

Hi all,
I will probably release an alpha version 0.2 for those of you that want to try \ test it. the alpha will include GUI controls but probably _not_ GUI data output (this will take some more tweaking).

p.s - the multi-threading feature is delayed for now.

Please feel free to contact me if you have idea for new features \ need a specific feature.

Posted by G. Diskin 2007-04-15

Initial file release - version 0.1

Released a zip archive and a gzipped tar archive for those of you that prefer it.

Files available here: https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=192276
All files are also available from the anonymous SVN.

To those that don't have python installed - sorry but there won't be MS-Windows binary releases until I'm sure about the copyright issues for several DLL files.
I have released the py2exe compilation script, so you can compile it once on one of your systems and use the windows executable afterwards as you wish.

Posted by G. Diskin 2007-03-24

project opened

Expect initial file release today.

Posted by G. Diskin 2007-03-24