How to use <command> tag...

  • Fish

    Fish - 2005-09-07

    ...while composing Away/NA/DND messages?
    &Nick; &Status; and others work but not <command>

    • Matthias

      Matthias - 2006-04-24

      I got the same problem. Is there any description of using the <command>-tool? Has anybody a solution, to get it work? I tried to get dynamic away-masseges with "fortune". I use sim 0.9.3 on suse 9.1.

    • Matthias

      Matthias - 2006-04-25

      Perhaps it is necessary to go into detail... I've opened the network-monitor and he gives me the warning, that the folder- or file-name can't be found after typing `<fortune>` as away-message. the question probably is, where sim looks for those commands like this. Perhaps someone could tell me, because it would shurely easy setting a link to the program. (I also tried commands like `</usr/bin/fortune>` , `<~/bin/fortune>` or `<~/.kde/share/apps/sim>` etc.)


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