merging contacts

  • Maxim Yanchenko

    Maxim Yanchenko - 2006-01-12

    how can I do it?

    Some people have multiple ICQ UINs, and I wanted to work with all these UINs as with one contact.

    SIM ICQ has automatically merged some, but lost others, how can I merge them myself (instead of modifying contacts.conf file manually)?

    By the way, it there any description what is in contacts.conf file?

    • Tobias Franz

      Tobias Franz - 2006-01-12

      You can drag and drop a contact that you want to merge with another on this other contact. A Question-Dialog appears and asks, wether these contacts should be joined.

      Sorry, at time there is no description of the contacts file.

    • Maxim Yanchenko

      Maxim Yanchenko - 2006-01-12

      Great, it works!
      BTW, thanks for your efforts with SIM code!


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