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Problem with Userlist andwith Textcode. HELP!

  • zap

    zap - 2005-12-01

    Hi everyone!

    I´m pretty new to this whole Linux thing, and I wanted to start with installing me a Instant Messenger to probably be able to communicate more easily and comfortable.

    I installed the latest "SIM" version and have several Problems. First of all, my whole main-window disappeared. The only thing I can see is a popup when someone wrote me. But my userlist is missing. It was there in the beginning and now disappeared. O_o

    Second thing is, that I am from Germany and the Messenger doesn´t display "Ö", "Ä" and "Ü". Can I do some changes to fix that? And wheres my main window?

    would be glad if someone could help me.


    • sffs

      sffs - 2005-12-02

      take a look in your "systray" and klick the sim icon... the contactlist should appear

      after a few seconds it will disapear again.
      you can disable this action in "settings" "plugins" "docking" and remove the cross at "hauptfenster anzeigen/verstecken nach... sekunden inaktivität"

      for your problems with the german umlauts (ja die heissen wirklich so ;) ) open again the settings dialog (or configuration, in german it is called "einstellungen") select your contact and then change the codepage ("kodierung")

      "Westeuropäisch iso 8859-15" should be the right for you :)

      hope could help you

    • zap

      zap - 2005-12-02

      thanks for your proposal Jan, but my main window doesnt appear at all. :-/

      seems like the program is running in the background somehow. The only thing that shows up is the chat window when I got a message.

      Actually I completely trust in your way of dealing with the problem. The only thing is that I cant even open a "settings" menue.


      • sffs

        sffs - 2005-12-04

        do you have a sim icon in your systray?
        try to click with the right mouse button on it and then start the settings menu

        oh i just saw the shortcut ctrl+shift+a to display the main windows, try this too.


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