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history xml export

  • sffs

    sffs - 2005-10-08

    is it possible to export the history into xml?
    it would be great if something like that would be implemented.

    another term: the history function is _very_ slow...
    i chatted with a friend of mine a couple of minutes and when i open the history it was nearly unbearable...
    thank you

    • Andreas M.

      Andreas M. - 2005-11-03

      you can hack yourself an xsl stylesheet to output the history in xml. it is sure a lot of work, but it is possible.

      I've done an Licq xsl:
      maybe it will help you. to do your xml stylesheet.

    • sffs

      sffs - 2005-12-02

      hmmm i tried it (ok only a few minutes) but i didn't work. is there andy documentation for sim?

      also one big disadvantage of sim (my oppinion):
      the history is displayed the same way the messages in the message window are displayed...
      i dont need the day and the month in the actual message windows, gut in the history it would be very helpful... (or is there any value i can check to manipulate the template)


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