#1152 Access Violation in MSVCRT.dll

v1.0 (example)

When starting SIM 0.9.3 it regularily crashes. Having a
debugger available I decided to give it a closer look:

An access violation occurs in the MCVCRT.dll: 0xC0000005.
The violation occurs with the command at 77C16FA3:

77C16F5C int 3
77C16F5D int 3
77C16F5E int 3
77C16F5F int 3
77C16F60 int 3
77C16F61 int 3
77C16F62 int 3
77C16F63 int 3
77C16F64 int 3
77C16F65 int 3
77C16F66 int 3
77C16F67 int 3
77C16F68 int 3
77C16F69 int 3
77C16F6A int 3
77C16F6B int 3
77C16F6C int 3
77C16F6D int 3
77C16F6E int 3
77C16F6F int 3
77C16F70 push ebp
77C16F71 mov ebp,esp
77C16F73 push edi
77C16F74 push esi
77C16F75 mov esi,dword ptr [ebp+0Ch]
77C16F78 mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
77C16F7B mov edi,dword ptr [ebp+8]
77C16F7E mov eax,ecx
77C16F80 mov edx,ecx
77C16F82 add eax,esi
77C16F84 cmp edi,esi
77C16F86 jbe 77C16F90
77C16F88 cmp edi,eax
77C16F8A jb 77C17108
77C16F90 test edi,3
77C16F96 jne 77C16FAC
77C16F98 shr ecx,2
77C16F9B and edx,3
77C16F9E cmp ecx,8
77C16FA1 jb 77C16FCC
77C16FA3 rep movs dword ptr [edi],dword ptr [esi]
77C16FA5 jmp dword ptr [edx*4+77C170B8h]

I hope this will help you fix it.



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