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New Release: Silex 1.7 Coal

We are really happy to annouce this new release of Silex which now supports… HTML5 rendering !

We have been working these last monthes to enhance ergonomy, to add cuting-edge functionalities and to solve most of the bugs.
We also provide by default a theme (enterprise) and a publication (business card) as a starter kit.

Here is an overview of the major enhancements:

-HTMLGenerator plugin is now included in the standard release.
It gives you the ability to have an HTML5 rendering, which is mandatory for your sites to be available in mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPads, Android and more…... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2012-02-16

1st stable version of Silex Carbon

Hello everybody,

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the release of the first stable version of Silex v1.6 Carbon.

This release will be made official on Friday, February 25 at the "TecTecYec / SL party" in Paris – for those interested, you can find complete information here

In the meantime, the new version is available for testing online
And also, you can download the v1.6.1RC1 Carbon here read more

Posted by lexoyo 2011-02-24

1st Flash CMS in the top 50 of SourceForge !

For the first time in the history of Silex on Sorceforge (nearly 4 years), it reached the 50 position, on a scale with no less than 8 500 projects…

Party time !!! This great performance deserves to be celebrated !!!

Silex has the honor of beeing the #50 project on! Not bad for a "non profit project", isn't it? It is the 1st time in 4 years that we enter the top 50 of the 8 000 projects of SourceForge :)... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2011-02-04

Wanabe a beta tester


Anyone who want to test the beta release before we put it on our sourceforge download page, should subscribe to the mailing lists

And if you can help us translate from French to English, we need you :)
Lexa for Silex Labs

Posted by lexoyo 2010-08-17

Silex moving fast. Communication is needed at

Dear open source community,

This is great what happens to Silex these times... Silex Labs, the non profit organization is already well organized and produce good things for Silex and for other open source projects. It is also a way to keep a "non profit" spirit while several big companies use Silex and make money with it. We are much more numerous on the development side, so the next version of Silex will let more and more people produce engaging websites for free and it is about to give the web developers a different role in the process of producing a website, a web magazine, a point of sell software or a CD-R.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2010-08-09

Working on Silex v1.6 (en/fr)

-translation in french bellow-

A few words to let you know that Silex (hi)story continues to be full of surprises and satisfactions. We are working on Silex v1.6 ! The debug phase for the alpha 3 is under way.

Lexa did a flip book animation layout, and the coordination with Pol.

Pol also made a 100% new ergonomics and Yannick and Zabojad have coded it in Flex (WYSIWYG toolboxes) and Oof (manager). You can see a screen shot here: read more

Posted by lexoyo 2010-07-06

Silex v1.5.3 Comet + components + themes

The new version of Silex : Silex v1.5.3 Comet

Bugs fixes in the tool boxes, the components and in Silex core.

Two new scale modes are available in the manager: Pixel and Scroll.
. Pixel = your website is visible at every screen resolution. It is scaled down if the window is smaller than the website and it is left at 100% of its scale if the window is bigger. This scale mode is ideal for websites with photos and non vector pictures.
. Scroll = your website will always be seen at 100% of its size and the scroll bar of the browser will show up when needed (and be updated when you navigate in the pages of the Silex website). Thanks to this mode you will be able to produce HTML-like websites, with a lot of content on each page, very hight wesites and with a scroll bar on the right side. ... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-12-08

Silex shifts into hight gear !

Silex or the art of sculpting anything, anywhere and by anyone... -

Topic : Silex shifts into high gear !

1. The return of Superwup : Wup fans will be able to surf on Pol's site again ! It's back on line !

2. Silex Boeing : 747 is the new record of downloads in just one day, last July 2nd. [read more](/p/silex/news/2009/07/silex-shifts-into-hight-gear-/)
Posted by lexoyo 2009-07-13

International Silex (en/fr)

___ ENglish ___

  1. A small group becomes a great organization : We are currently working on the statutes of the Silex foundation. Any ideas for a great name ?
    Participate ! :

2.Translators Wanted : We need your skills to translate Silex documents (newletters, press releases, blog posts, tutorials...) into English, Spanish, Brazilian, German, etc. Subscribe to the translator's newsletter, right here : read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-06-27



June 2009

Hi everyone !

Silex is becoming more successful and widely known in the Open Source community ! Consequently, we have more users and visitors from all over the world and we need your amazing skills !

Into which languages ?
All of them ! From French (or English) into any of these languages that you master well : English, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.
What kind of documents ?
Tutorials, newsletters, communication documents, the blog posts on, interfaces, etc.
What length ?
Generally under 1500 signs for all documents. Tutorials vary more in length.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-06-19

silex is sourceforge project of the month!

We haven’t been communicating much recently because we have been busy with Silex. It has been well worth the trouble because Silex is project of the month on Sourceforge!

Read all about it here :

For those of you new to Silex, it’s a Flash based CMS. I could go on about what makes it so cool, but the best is to have a look for yourself : read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-06-16

The offices of the Silex team

In may and untill yesterday, 9 members of the Silex community have been working at the business center in Paris : la Défense. 1 coded Action Scripter, 1 animated Flash Animator, 2 over-enthausiastic
Graphic Designers, 1 electrified Webmaster, 1 energetic associate and 1 oof developer.

Varied profiles, involved in well-defined projects.. but why? You will progressively find out in the blog put in place for the occasion.
... to follow ...... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-06-07

Silex and Wordpress for the best and the worst

  • abstract -

Silex and Wordpress are now married for the best and the worst, bringing Flash and php open source communities together. They have given birth to , an information portal about the Flash CMS software. The role of this wiki like participative website, is to make it possible for you and me, to publish material on Flash CMS.

  • content -

WORDPRESS was used for the automatic inscription of new contributors, for moderation and publication functionalities. Silex has been chosen for the presentation because it is the only Flash CMS making it possible to display a Wordpress website with a Flash design, without programming and for free! ... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-03-31

SILEX for Non-Froggies


Silex has 100+ downloads every day.

As you may know, the core SILEX team is in Paris, France.
Now, even though French is the best language in the world...
...we understand that you don't want to learn it just to use Silex.

A lot of users would appreciate a community in their country.
So, in our attempt to go global we want to go local near where you live.

Wherever you are, we are looking for people to help out Silex users
in your country and in your language, so if you feel like helping out, let us know.
We are thinking of forums, tutorials, local gatherings, etc.
But we are open to suggestions. ... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-03-13

Pleasure & Freedom ! Silex v1.3 is out

Rule number 1 for Silex in 2009 will be
Pleasure & Freedom !

For this new year, we wish you a lot more pleasure and a lot more freedom !

One year and a half after the V1.0 release

A demo of the brand new version V1.3 will be displayed during the Silex workshops on Saturday 31st January in Paris

=> registration on , section agenda to receive the exact address.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-01-24

release v1.3beta3

The latest v1.3beta3 is now available for download:

I will be working on debug full time until Saturday. I hope to release a stable version on Saturday so it will be very useful if you test this v1.3beta3 and report bugs in the forum ( https:// <>silex. <> <> or ). Note that Saturday is a big day for Silex since a lot of people will come to Paris for an event organized for Silex by our Paris team. We did not advertised it, only speak about it and we have a lot of people who want to come. I will present the latest release there.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2009-01-15

RSS shows off with SILEX

let's meet!

You are invited on Saturdays January 17th and 31st in Paris to the CafeSilex and workshops to share our common knowledge about Silex.

You can register now, free entry, but we can take only 60 people at a time
Please fill in the registration form here and now :
=> read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-12-08

Some more SILEX (en / fr)

Statistics to go!

In September SILEX has been installed in the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Korea, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia.

Also in September, on the 1405 downloads, 141 installations have been made online and about 400 on local computer. For the online websites: Europe 60% - North America 30% - (27% France - 26% USA)... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-11-12

SILEX exposes itself! / SILEX s'expose ! (en / fr)

SILEX exposes itself!
or how SILEX does its winter happening.

SILEX, or the art of sculpting anything, anywhere, by anyone.

Silex is becoming unavoidable for creators of innovative websites. To express this art fully, we owed it ourselves to organize a happening where SILEX is experimented with and is lived through the community.

So mark these Saturdays: 17/01, 31/01, 14/02, 28/02.
We are happy to invite you in Paris to share these 4 winter days around debates, discovery workshops, creations, a SILEX café, and urns to vote on the upcoming features of SILEX V2.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-10-27

Themes for dummies

  • abstract -

If you’re a beginner or a lazy silexer, there is a “silex_themes” distribution which lets you produce Flash websites from a template without using Flash unless you want to modify the transitions or the buttons.

There is a Flash CV website, a photo book with gallery, an audio playlist, a video playlist...

  • content -

As a developer I made my Flash resume here:
It is seo friendly - simply look for “actionscript developer freelance” in google and you will see my resume in first or second place.
I can send a specific page by email thanks to SILEX built-in deeplinking:... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-10-10

Still small but so much bigger! (fr/en)

Hello all,

Just a message to say that there is much more action in SILEX forum than on the mailing list these times, which is less intrusive by the way. It is mainly due to the fact that the community has really gotten bigger since SILEX entered the top 200 of, since 8 months now. The English speaking silexers joined the French ones so we have to translate all messages in English, so we speak less... but do not do less!... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-09-28

The SILEX around the world (en/fr)

The SILEX around the world

  • abstract -

The official site , [[]] was already in French and in English. We have now translated it into Spanish. Was it Hell redoing everything? No, it was no problem thanks to SILEX's multi-context feature... ¿Cómo es esto posible?

  • content -

Thanks to SILEX's multi-context, it is possible to easily manage integration of multiple versions of the site. An element is visible in certain contexts only.
Certain elements can belong to multiple versions/contexts, which greatly helps maintenance and updates.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-08-04

SILEX, for a rock solid site


A new website is now available at [[|]]. It has been produced with SILEX of course… What could be heavier than a multilingual, seo friendly Flash website?


The multilingual functionality is used to provide you a website in English and French and soon in Spanish. And nothing was duplicated, just like the software itself it switches automatically to the appropriate language and you are able to switch from a language to another during navigation.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-05-19

SILEX is out of the stone age - silex v1.0rc1 (en/fr)


This version of SILEX introduces a new set of tools for designers to design websites and RIAs. Either you use SILEX as a substitution to Flash IDE or you use it as a framework for your Flash projects.


Designers, web designers and Flash coders, this is for you: SILEX will let you save time and grant stability to your applications. It is now really focussed on quality and productivity of websites and RIAs design. It addresses issues that web agencies and freelancers face on every projects.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-04-22

when SILEX gets heavier than the stone (en/fr)


SILEX entered the top 100 open source project of this month. And this is because it has been full of special occasions to grow for SILEX lately. Three new projects are using it to produce Flash multilingual applications in a cooperative environment. And also…


Mood Media ( now uses SILEX for the touch screens distributed in France and Belgium for telephony operators. 5 people have been working to produce the first application of a long list. In 8 days they have produced an 80 pages application in NL and FR which introduces all tarifs and telephones of Proximus and Belgacom companies in an intuitive and interactive way. It was restless for everybody because they discovered tons of bugs and the team had to fix it… Good for you who come after!... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-03-07

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