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Dear open source community,

This is great what happens to Silex these times... Silex Labs, the non profit organization is already well organized and produce good things for Silex and for other open source projects. It is also a way to keep a "non profit" spirit while several big companies use Silex and make money with it. We are much more numerous on the development side, so the next version of Silex will let more and more people produce engaging websites for free and it is about to give the web developers a different role in the process of producing a website, a web magazine, a point of sell software or a CD-R.

We really need your help for communication and translation, so let us know if you have time for being part of it.

For example on the blog ( ), Ariel announced that we are willing to publish articles for a wider audience, namely the creative workers of the web.
We also need someone to write an article about Silex in Wikipedia, since we are allowed to have this page, just like the one in French: , if someone writes an article in a journalistic style.
On twitter we have small news, but not on a regular basis:

So, we are waiting for your proposals, by mail or on this mailing list. Let's shake the web design world together!!!


President of Silex Labs and co founder of Silex

Posted by lexoyo 2010-08-09

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