Silex v1.5.3 Comet + components + themes

The new version of Silex : Silex v1.5.3 Comet

Bugs fixes in the tool boxes, the components and in Silex core.

Two new scale modes are available in the manager: Pixel and Scroll.
. Pixel = your website is visible at every screen resolution. It is scaled down if the window is smaller than the website and it is left at 100% of its scale if the window is bigger. This scale mode is ideal for websites with photos and non vector pictures.
. Scroll = your website will always be seen at 100% of its size and the scroll bar of the browser will show up when needed (and be updated when you navigate in the pages of the Silex website). Thanks to this mode you will be able to produce HTML-like websites, with a lot of content on each page, very hight wesites and with a scroll bar on the right side.

The tasty new version of OOF

You can now read Excel files, with the new ExcelConnector. No tutorial yet, but you're awaited in the forums !

You can now scroll your lists with the new ListScrollBar component.

The XML Connector is now 100% functionnal. You can import any XML file and use the data in a site, in a text field, in a list, as the address of a video ... This way it lets you interact with Flickr, YouTube, Picassa, Google Calendar, and almost all the online services. The tutorial is underway, but meanwhile, you are expected in the forum to discuss it :)


MyPage theme

Portfolio website, with slideshow and contact form. The “align component” is used for the background image.
(Flash Player 8 - Diaporama and contact form made with Oof components. ”NoScale” mode.)

My Page plus theme

Portfolio website, with background slideshow and contact form.
The layout “mypage_volet” is used for the website/slideshow switch.
(Flash Player 8 - Diaporama and contact form components made with Oof components.”NoScale” mode.)

Posted by lexoyo 2009-12-08

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