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Silex 1.5.3 isn't anymore, welcome to Silex 1.5.4 Comet !

Here's the list of bug fixes and main enhancements that this new version integrates:
- Silex core has been optimized, 30% smaller and 30% more efficient, thanks to a complete integration of amfphp
- New text editor which is the first of several tool boxes with the multi screen support
- Plugins system: make plugins which can modify Silex behaviour, in php, ActionScript and javascript
- Fixed bugs: google chrome compatibility, bugs in the manager, php errors in strict mode,
- Optimization of the html page for search engines
- Help page for the feed.php script
The good news is the come back of Silex in the TOP100 on Sourceforge !
Download it from sourceforge at this address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/silex/

A little bonus to dynamise you websites: XLSSynchro !

This tool for OpenOffice Calc (Spreadsheets) allows you and/or your clients to send a data sheet (excel file) to a server just clicking on a button. It's now easy to update your data without any special knowledge than using a spreadsheet.
This tool works with the ExcelConnect component that allows Silex to load data from a spreadsheet to dynamise your multimedia applications.
Download this tool at : http://wp-manager.silex-ria.org/?p=495

A new theme, the first of a long story !

Pol has designed a new theme called Association 2010.
This theme as the previous ones are available for free in the Silex manager or on the exchange platform.
Capture Association 2010

Download this theme at : http://wp-manager.silex-ria.org/?p=486
Thanks to the work of our motivated trainees, some other themes should be online in the coming weeks/monthes.

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