SILEX, or the art of sculpting anything, anywhere, by anyone.

Subject: Silex and Wordpress for the best and the worst

- abstract -

Silex and Wordpress are now married for the best and the worst, bringing Flash and php open source communities together.

They have given birth to , an information portal about  Flash CMS software.

The role of this wiki-like participative website, is to make it possible for everyone, to publish material on Flash CMS.

- content -

WORDPRESS was used for the automatic inscription of new contributors, for moderation and publication functionalities. 

Silex has been chosen for the presentation because it is the only Flash CMS with which it is possible to display a Wordpress website with a Flash design, without programming and for free!

3 sections in :

- the Diary :
- Blog :
- The Flash CMS lists :

Since it is a participative site, everyone can add a CMS, add an article, add an event or edit the data of the CMS. In order to be part of it, use the forms which are in the sections “Diary” and “Participate” or become a member by clicking “login” and then “Inscription”.

If you would like to help out and do not know how or if you want to set up a similar website in your language, please contact us ( sha -a t- flashcms -d o t- fr ).

This site is managed by Sha and designed by pol. Thanks: Lex

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