Greetings. I have recently discovered sigrok, so I am a new member of the mailing list. I have several questions which I am putting into separate threads.

This is the third.

Related to my enquiry about possible support for the DPScopeSE/pcbscope.

I have set out on an attempt to write my own hardware driver for a DPScopeSE. Scanning through other supported devices, it seems that the IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2 is also an HID based device that I might use as a model for hacking a new driver.

So I 'cloned' ~/libsigrok/hardware/ikalogic-scanalogic2/ into ~/libsigrok/hardware/dpscopese/ and changed all the relevant defines to contain new identification strings, and changed the usb identity of the target device.

But then I hit a brick wall. I could not work out how to include my new 'dpscopese' source code in the build-process, and I can't find any documentation that explains this. I assume it must be some input to or configure that generates a new Makefile, but I can't see how... can someone enlighten me, please?

Regards - David Roberts