I've been working on the Cypress FX2 chip (with the LCsoft board from ebay) and I had a very hard time making it work (mainly, renumerate) using any code that depended on fx2lib. 
I've finally found some code based on gnuradio which didn't use fx2lib. They developed their own base code and, provided you take some care when compiling their code, it works perfectly. 
I haven't been able to understand why fx2lib code does not work in the same board.

I have submitted this issue to the fx2lafw github repo since it is simple to reproduce in my case (I use compiled and precompiled firmware and neither work) but I realize this may be a problem in fx2lib itself. The thing is that the fx2lib code does not seem to be very active and fx2lafw does, so maybe the devs here have more idea.
Also, I'm reporting this here in the interest of fixing fx2lib since it looks like a fine library to base code on (I don't know if the gnuradio has a very complete implementation of all FX2 functions).