On 13 February 2013 at 16:47 Peter Stuge <peter@stuge.se> wrote:
> R. Diez wrote:
> > > Sorry - I just had another look through your patch. Would it be
> > > possible for you to break your patch up into single logical changes?
> >
> > It is such a small patch that it's not worth the extra administrative
> > work.
> So you are saying that yes it would be possible for you and you know
> how to do it but you don't consider it worth the trouble even though
> the maintainer and original author of the software has asked you to
> do it?
> Pff.

Peter thank you for standing up for high standards. I do prefer to do things right if we can.
However, in this case it isn't a big deal, I don't mind doing this 5 minute job myself, though R. Diez, if you want you work published promptly, you can probably get this done faster than I can!