Dear Matthias,
My name is Joel Holdsworth, and I'm writing to you on behalf of the sigrok project (
We wanted reach out to you because for the past few months many of our contributors have been working hard to add support for various DMMs, thermometers, sound pressure meters and other logging devices (see It seems like there's a lot of common ground between our work in sigrok, and your work with QtDMM and QtDMM2 (and indeed QtDSO).
The status of our work is that we now have support for a selection of DMMs. However, we don't have a GUI yet, only a CLI tool, so we were wondering if it might be possible to integrate QtDMM and sigrok, and if you would be interested in joining our project, or collaborating in some way.
If you are interested please reply to our mailing list, or you can join our IRC channel at #sigrok on FreeNode. If you send a message, someone will probably pick it up within an hour or two.
Best Regards