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Sidebar 0.3 Alpha Coming Soon!

Progress update: I moved house recently and lost my net access. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon, at which point I will upload Sidebar 0.3 Alpha. Most of the features I wanted to add are functional now, except for previews and applet mode, and the software is reaching a useful state.

Posted by Tim Chapman 2002-11-06

Sidebar 0.2 Pre-Alpha released

A stop gap release which fixes the compiling problems reported and adds RPMs. A number of bugs have been fixed and new features added since 0.1. Please note however that sidebar is still PreAlpha and as such isn't ready for day to day use yet. You use it at your own risk.
Have fun - and let me know what you think. Features, ideas and bugs gladly accepted.

Posted by Tim Chapman 2002-09-25

Include files missing when compiling

Oops! I set up my Anjuta project with a hardcoded path to the include files on my system. This stops the Sidebar 0.1 tarball from compiling on anyone elses computer. The problem is fixed in CVS now, and I will release a new tarball including other bugfixes and new features shortly.

Posted by Tim Chapman 2002-09-16