#5 Secondary MX hosts

Ken Jones

In my domain, I have multiple MX hosts for receiption
of email. If my primary is busy, the sender can relay
through any of my secondary(s). In the case of one
domain I manage, it's set up with 3 levels of inbound
MX records .

The problem is I would prefer to run the milter only on
the primary MX host. Any mail that is relayed through
the secondarys currently reports fail, as that relay is
not permited by the sender.

How can I tell the filter a list of hosts to ignore
(skip) in checking and move on to the next host.


- Ken


  • Ken Jones

    Ken Jones - 2006-06-21

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    After reading further, I understand the original idea is to
    stop the mail at the border of the network. I have, and
    beleive others might also, have MX hosts that they do not
    control. In one of our cases, it's an ISP controled MX host.

    As they will not install SID, I must accept mail from them
    without processing through the sid filter :(

    If, however I could process it, they would be forced to hold
    it on their servers (the isp) and may decide if enough
    people did this to install SID filtering.

  • Anonymous - 2007-05-20

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    You've hit on another use case for which Sender-ID and SPF fail. It's very similar to the forwarding case.

    I don't believe there's a reliable solution to this problem. We'd need some standard way to log the IP address which relayed the message into any of your MXes, including the ones you don't control, and then sid-milter would have to extract that and run the check using that IP address rather than the one making the current connection. The only way to do this now would be to tear apart Received: headers looking for that information, and those headers' formats can vary quite a bit, or be spoofed, or be missing entirely.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  • Anonymous - 2007-05-20
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