Dan Maus - 2004-12-19


I just wanted to post a message to perhaps help anyone who encounters the issue I had today installing sid-milter on Solaris.

The issue I had is that I installed it according to the INSTALL doc running it with:

sid-filter -p 8891

Unfortunately  this does not work with the corresponding .mc documented entry of:

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`sid-filter', `S=inet:8891@localhost')

This set of configuration options on Solaris 9 Sparc results in listening on a unix domain socket while sendmail tries to connect to a tcp socket.  This results in a connection refused.

The solution is simple, but perhaps daunting to those whoe don't know the difference...start sid-filter such that it listens on a tcp port:

sid-filter -l -p inet:8891@

The choices are actually defined in the man page but who reads the man page?

Best of luck, and yes it works, the first message that came into my server was detected as a hotmail forgery.