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Thank you

I'd like to thank all of you for the great reviews and for over 100,000 downloads. That's huge. I never thought this little piece of software would reach something that amazing.
And this is also why I feel quite ashamed - I stopped working on this project almost 4 years ago. I'm really sorry for this -- I didn't have the time and effort to continue working on it. Later on I've put a lot of thought into this, I wanted to continue developing it, then I wanted to start over the whole thing in C++, but I just didn't do anything. And now, in 2010, downloading a shutdown utility is no longer needed, as current versions of Windows have quite advanced energy saving policies, and the system can do most of the things people usually need.
There is still some need for advanced functions, but I think it's negligible. The built-in functions are sufficient for most of us, including me.
Maybe, if I'll have some free time, I'll reconsider the demand for Shutdown Monster, and maybe I'll "resurrect" it -- but this is quite unlikely.
I'm really sorry, I feel bad for killing off "The Monster". Thank you very much for your support, it really meant a lot to me.

Posted by ebertek 2010-01-09

Shutdown Monster

Some bugs are fixed, will get this baby on SourceForge tomorrow.

Version Rebirth - Official Bugfixes
Released [05/23/2006]
! Interface: Some labels are repositioned to make the French texts fit in
! Parameters: Using '-', '--' or '/' prefix really works now
! Interface: The Monster logo won't get hidden if the 'Always on top' function is enabled
! Accessibility: The systray icon is not showed if Shutdown Monster should be completely hidden... (thanks to an unknown man for finding this bug)
* Saving: Everything is saved upon exit WILL ADD A CHECKBOX IN THE NEXT VERSION
* Interface: The icon looks better
+ Interface: French language file added; translated by Nico220 -- thank you! NOT COMPLETE

Posted by ebertek 2006-05-22

Shutdown Monster 4.0.5

After seven months of waiting, Shutdown Monster is reborn. Thank you very much for all your feedback you've sent me, I hope I have fixed all the bugs.

Posted by ebertek 2006-05-09

Shutdown Monster 4.0.5 - Still in the works

I still don't have SMLPack. Someone please get me one for Delphi 2006.
Anyways, the changelog is getting longer:
- Bundling: .beats is not included anymore
! Logging: logs those things only that really happened
! Accessibility: The windows is visible when it should be and is minimized when it should be (hopefully; fourth try)
! Countdown: The SysTray icon shows remaining time normally
! Shutdown: Hibernation works normally (thanks goes to Arne (pi82) for finding the bug)
* Source: Ported to Delphi 2006 -> uses Indy 10, JVCL, doesn't use RXLib anymore. 'Sky' is no longer available
* Shutdown: Shutdown for Sure enhanced
* Accessibility: Parameters can have a '-', '/' or '--' prefix
+ Logging: Verbose logging added. Launch Shutdown Monster with the parameter 'v' to use it
+ CPU usage: 'Shutdown only if there is no data input' should work now (but it is off by default, for stability and security purposes)

Posted by ebertek 2006-02-11

4.0.5 is getting ready

I decided not to include .beats anymore. Some people may not like bundled software :)

The change log so long:
- Bundling: .beats is not included anymore
! Accessibility: The windows is visible when it should be and is minimized when it should be (hopefully; fourth try)
! Shutdown: Hibernation works normally (thanks goes to Arne (pi82) for finding the bug)
* Source: Ported to Delphi 2006 -> uses Indy 10, JVCL, doesn't use RXLib anymore. 'Sky' is no longer available
* Accessibility: Parameters can have a '-' or '/' prefix
+ CPU usage: 'Shutdown only if there is no data input' should work now (but it is off by default, for stability and security purposes)... read more

Posted by ebertek 2006-01-28

What should be in the next version?

I don't have any more ideas that could make Shutdown Monster even better :P
Anyways, even if I won't add anything to it, I'll re-release it in December - when Delphi 10 comes out.

Posted by ebertek 2005-10-25

Shutdown Monster 4.0.4 released

Finally, Shutdown Monster 4.0.4 is released, with loads of bugfixes - get it now and feel the real power of the monster!

Posted by ebertek 2005-10-02

Shutdown Monster 4.0.4 finished - still not released

Yeah, Shutdown Monster 4.0.4 is ready, but I will test it for some days :)
So, it's to be released in some days, get ready!
LOTS of bugs fixed :P

Posted by ebertek 2005-09-23

Shutdown Monster 4.0.3 released!

Yeah, another release in just a few days - sorry :)
So, 'CSB' is bundled with a neat little clock (just like in the previous version), 'min' is just the program, without clock, without Client-Server support.
If you want to get the source of the clock, drop me a mail! (It's open-source as well :P).

I'm learning French now, so I may translate the program to French.. but I would be happy if someone could please help me :)

Posted by ebertek 2005-09-09

Shutdown Monster 4.0.1

This release only contains some bugfixes

Posted by ebertek 2005-08-28

Shutdown Monster 4.0 is released!

Finally, Shutdown Monster 4.0 is released!

Thank you for everyone who supported me, including more than 18,000 people, who downloaded the software!


Posted by ebertek 2005-08-01

4.0 is ready, still not installer :-/

Yeah, Shutdown Monster 4.0 is finally finished! Got more stable, got more functions, got new logo.

I still want to make an installer for it, and then, it's gonna be released (in one week, I hope!).

Anyways, here's the changelog:
! The SysTray icon's hint displays the remaining time correctly (hours, minutes or seconds), this time not only for one second :P
! 'Check for Updates' (C4U) and 'Synchronize time' functions work in low-priority --> won't make the program freeze down
!* About box bugfixed and updated (sorry, Monsty is removed from the about box :P)
* The tray icon is always visible
* New Monster! The New Generation!
* "Shutdown for Sure" changed (checking 36 times in 180 seconds (5 seconds intervals) became checking once, after 2 minutes :]). The 'second try' is forced in any case, ensuring that your PC will really shut down
* Timing (Countdown, CPU usage) works in high-priority --> they're more precise
+ Fade out volume before shutdown
+ Shutdown if CPU usage is low

Posted by ebertek 2005-07-24

No 4.0 in a week :=( But beta!

So, Shutdown Monster 4.0 is ready and working -- but I still want to make it more precise.
//Now it uses TTimers, they ain't precise//
BUT, to make you not struggle with the buggy and old 3.2.x.x releases, I release a beta version for you!

Posted by ebertek 2005-07-20

4.0 on the way!

The time has come, Shutdown Monster got evolved to version 4.
It'll be released in just a few weeks, so get ready!

Posted by ebertek 2005-07-14

3.3 preview, sources only

Yes, the time has come, the preview version of 3.3 Ocean is available. But for now, only the sources.

Posted by ebertek 2005-06-04

About code names

Ehh, my idea was good but it doesn't work in real life :)

So, from now on:
-Codename Ocean remains the offical version
-'Ocean' will be released with source

-I won't make any 'Sky' version, unless you ask me to do so
To make you remember: 'Sky' is ShutX's downloaded-component-less version, so you can use it with simple, plain D9.

-Beta versions could have a name like 'Ground' or 'Earth' or something like that :))

Posted by ebertek 2005-06-04

New versions coming soon

From now on, there will be two branches of the project:
1. Codename 'Ocean'
- Based upon the latest ShutX I released
- Original build (developed by me)
- Source code available upon request

  1. Codename 'Sky'
  2. Based upon the latest 'Ocean' build, but without additional components --> everyone can use it without downloading or buying things
  3. Source code freely available
  4. If you finished a modification, you can send me the source and then I'll put it on SF (or, if it's a really good idea I may include it in later 'Ocean' builds)... read more
Posted by ebertek 2005-05-18

Lite verzi (Hungarian only)

Kiadsra kerlt egy 'Lite' verzi az j teljes verzi előtt. Ez a progi a teljes verzin alapszik, de csak az alapvető funkcikat tartalmazza. A program mindssze egy fjlbl ll.
Hasznlathoz le kell tlteni a bpl90.exe-t is!

Posted by ebertek 2004-12-27

Setup is a self-extracting archive again

Be sure to click "Yes to all" when setup wants to overwrite the files.

Posted by ebertek 2004-10-31

Setup --> + 62% in size. Please vote!

Please vote (in comment :P), which one do you prefer:
1. Basic installer without uninstaller (you have to click Overwrite to update files and delete the files manually to 'uninstall'.
2. Installer and unintaller. It's 62% larger in size, but does updating and deleting automatically.

Posted by ebertek 2004-10-23

Someone has Shutdown Monster 2?

If someone has a release of Shutdown Monster (formerly 'Kikapcsol' or 'Shutdown for XP') not included in the list below, please send me the binary to ebertek AT gmail DOT com

Here's the list: Pre-Release (still under construction :P)

As you can see, I don't have any SM2 releases (I don't know where did they go o_O).
So, if YOU or any of your friends has it, please send it me to read more

Posted by ebertek 2004-10-21

Help Wanted!

If you have a lot of time, and want to do something .....
You could spell-check the .lng files ;-)
If you find an error in any of them, please report it in the 'Bugs' section of the project page!

Posted by ebertek 2004-10-15

27% size drop!

The applications require some .BPL files, which you can download in separate package. Once you installed it, you won't need to download it again if a new version is released.

The Client/Server port is now changed to 38100, because port 381 is used by HP's performance data collector.

Posted by ebertek 2004-10-15

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