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shttpd 1.42 released

Bugfix release.
fixed POST problem under Windows
added Windows installer
couple of minor fixes, sent by shttpd users

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2008-08-23

shttpd 1.41 released

-threads option added: SHTTPD core goes multithreaded
UNICODE fix for the windows, protect_against_code_disclosure()
SSL functionality fixed
added tests for all build variations
Fixed CGI Windows weirdness

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2008-05-31

shttpd 1.40 released

Windows service support
Multithreaded API changed

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2008-05-25

shttpd 1.39 released

Windows GUI gone (service support in the next version).
Directory traversal and CGI disclosure under Windows fixed.
Experimental Keep-Alive support.
Configuration page support.
Flags format changed.
API change: shttpd_init(); shttpd_protect_uri() gone, shttpd_set_option() added.
Numerous minor fixed.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2008-02-17

shttpd 1.38 released

SSI support added: #include and #exec for standalone mode, and also #call, #if/#elif/#else/#endif for embedded mode.
Listening on multiple ports simultaneously in
standalone mode.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2007-06-01

shttpd 1.37 released

This is a bugfix release. No new features added, just couple of CGI and win32 related bugs were fixed.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-12-01

shttpd 1.36 released

License changed to beerware.
Number of bugs fixed.
Unicode support for Windows.
Log window added to the Windows GUI.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-11-11

shttpd 1.35 released

PATH_INFO support is back.
shttpd now serves CGI proxy ( well. Thanks to James Marshall for collaboration.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-04-07

shttpd 1.34 released

getcwd() fix for solaris, from Guido Cavezzali
Improved Win32 GUI, put file/directory browse buttons.
Proper file descriptor close, and FD_CLOEXEC, from Mirko Girotto

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-03-13

shttpd 1.33 released

Bugfix release. CGI directory bug fixed, CGI timing bug, and some code refactoring was done.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-01-27

shttpd 1.32 released

Windows CGI bug fix (SYSTEMROOT environment variable issue). CGI interpreter and additional CGI variables can be configured, patch from Gero Kuhlmann. Windows build includes icon file as well. editpass() Windows issue fixed, thanks to Peter Kuo and Christopher Adams.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2006-01-08

shttpd 1.31 released

Code refactoring: now multiple SHTTPD instances
can be run.
Added API functions:
shttpd_listen(), shttpd_add(), shttpd_active(), shttpd_accept(), shttpd_get_header(), shttpd_get_env()
shttpd_init() extended to allow to setup options; shttpd_setopt() is gone.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-12-11

shttpd 1.30 released

Removed multithreading code.
Reorganised examples, put everythting in one example file.
shttpd_merge_fds(), shttpd_printf(), shttpd_template(),
shttpd_push() are gone.
added shttpd_watch().
Fixed CGI under Windows.
Boolean command line parameters need argument now.
CGI code refactored.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-12-04

shttpd 1.29 released

SSL functionality is loaded dynamically - no conditional SSL compilation anymore, no dependancy on installed OpenSSL sources.
Fixed race in connection handling, thanks to Mirko Girotto.
Added GUI for Win32 version.
Also, -DNO_GUI compilation flag and -g (no-gui) command line switch.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-11-27

shttpd 1.28 released

This release contain few bug fixes, including:
- POST handling in embedded configuration
- PUT handling

Also, few features have been introduced:
- no error or access log created by default
- real-time stats output on console (-V switch)
- '-S' switch is gone. Setting certificate file
automatically switches shttpd to SSL mode.

Thanks to everybody involved!

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-11-22

shttpd 1.27 released

POST problems solved.
Few functions has been added to the embedded interface:
shttpd_setopt(), shttpd_register_mountpoint(), shttpd_addmimetype().

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-10-09

shttpd 1.26 released

Support for resumed download (Range header) added

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-07-20

shttpd 1.25 released

Fixed bug with index substitution, thanks to Chris.
PATH_INFO mechanism is gone.
fixed If-Modified-Since handling to care about daylight saving time.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-06-18

shttpd 1.24 released

Added features:
o Configuration file support
o Windows installer for win32 platform
o shttpd_init() in embedded API changed to accept config file
name, which allows flexible config of the embedded SHTTPD.
o All sources now packaged in single archive, including embedded
API header file, examples, manpage file, default certificate file,
and default config file.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-06-14

shttpd 1.23 released

Bugfix version. Two bugs are fixed:
o when CGI GET query string contain a comma, and authorization
is used, auth code handled uri wrong.
o bad QUERY_STRING variable passed to a CGI script, if URL
was just /, and index.cgi was substituted. This bug was introduced
in version 1.22.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-06-09

shttpd 1.22 released

In this release, the bug in processing user-defined
mime types file, has been fixed. Thanks to Oliver Bttcher
for reporting the bug.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-06-07

shttpd 1.21 released

Workaround for MS Internet Explorer Digest Authorizations bug
added. Also, minor isuues with CGI error output fixed.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-05-28

shttpd 1.20 released

Added command line option to edit .htpasswd files.
The functionality is the same as of htdigest utility.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-05-24

shttpd 1.19 released

Adam Zeldis performed a security audit of recent shttpd
source code.
As a result, few issues were discovered. The purpose of
this release is to fix the security holes.

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-05-20

shttpd 1.18 released

bugfix release: David Weibel contributed a fix for CGI
part on some platforms (Solaris, OSx, NetBSD)

Posted by Sergey Lyubka 2005-05-16

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