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New release coming soon, made a few small mistakes in 0.7. Finally made it so it wont endlessly retry connections, it will give up on the 3rd attempt and continue to the next program. Added an interactive mode so it can ask if you'd like to download a new release of an app. Other small bugfixes/cleanups, just needs some more testing

Posted by rick Bates 2002-03-15

rupdate 0.6 *upcoming*

I'm gonna go back to the old code format, a block of code for each program. Will make the script alot bigger, but in my opinion the code will be cleaner, be easier to debug/modify, and make it easier to read. People who dont have experience with ruby should also have an easier time adding a new program by looking at this format. Wont release it till I get a few more programs added

Posted by rick Bates 2001-11-28

upcoming 0.4

I'm cleaning up the code alot, finally figured out how to work with programs output so there will be no need for a file in /tmp. The cleanups seem to take about 40% of the size away, so maybe it will even speed it up, not that it was noticeably slow to me. Also plan on adding alot more files for it to check for the 0.4 release, unless I notice something else I broke on 0.3 that I need to fix before then

Posted by rick Bates 2001-11-06


new version of rupdate. Automatically gets currect versions of programs now, no configuration needed anymore. Not complete, but 100% functional as far as I can tell

Posted by rick Bates 2001-11-05


Release first version. A small ruby script to check versions of files and let you know if there is a new version out. Made for an LFS system, so tar.gz/bz2 files only, no binary packages support *ever*. At the moment it doesn't download/install anything on its own, may add this at some point if requested. Right now it just lets you know there is a new version and gives the new versions URL.

Posted by rick Bates 2001-10-23