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Shrike IRC Services / News: Recent posts

Shrike-1.0b1 Released

After a nice break followed by tons of hard work by all of our developers, the first beta of Shrike has been released.

You can download this file from the project page at SourceForge.

This release has completed all major aspects of Shrike, including channel and username registration and management. This release is still missing some "little things" that will be implemented before the 1.0 release.... read more

Posted by Eric Will 2004-03-10

Shrike Website Launched

Thanks to VehoWave's design services, the official Shrike Website has been launched.

The site is up and running, but it's far from complete. Expect to see new features and new pages pop up regularly. Hopefully, some documentation will be up soon as well.

Visit the Website at

Posted by Eric Will 2004-01-22

Shrike Mailing List

Please ignore the mailing lists on, we do not use them.

If you wish to subscribe to the (low traffic) Shrike mailing list, send an email to

Posted by Eric Will 2004-01-18

Status of CVS

The CVS servers are having severe issues, and as such, we have decided to host Shrike's CVS on a machine owned by one of the developers.

Anonymous CVS for shrike is avaliable with:
cvs login
[empty password, press enter]
cvs checkout shrike

There is also a bzip2 tarball generated each night at midnight, CST. This file can be found: read more

Posted by Eric Will 2004-01-14

Shrike-0.1-ALPHA Released

The first alpha of Shrike has been released.

You can download this file from the project page at

This release actively connects to an IRC network and maintains a sync with the
network. This release does not actually contain any useful tools for an IRC

This is not production code.

Posted by Eric Will 2004-01-09

Progress Update

Work on Shrike is progressing. As I'm writing this the code understands IRC (basically), links, introduces the configured client (via shrike.conf) and joins a configured channel. The code also has an autoconf script, and a setup script.

Within the next few weeks we'll be working mostly on the network syncing code... once the syncing is done, we have all of our data to work with and work should progress quickly.

Posted by Eric Will 2004-01-06

Topic Change

Due to the needs of my IRC network, Shrike is going to be a services program instead of the originally intended channel management bot.

This is still channel management in a way, though. ;)

Posted by Eric Will 2003-12-27

Shrike Website Under Construction

The site is under construction and should be available shortly. The site will feature information, documentation, version information, author information, and more. All, of course, hosted by

In related news, planning continues in the many stages of C++ program design. It's become my realization that the design is going to take longer than actually writting the code. I'm not joking, either.

Posted by Eric Will 2003-12-01

Shrike IRC Bot Planning in Progress

The initial planning phase for the Shrike IRC Bot has begun.

Shrike is the evolution of the Avalon (aircb) bot that I had originally intended to be a port of the Perl dgbot. This time I've decided to go with channel management.

Although planning has begun, I have no idea when I'll actuall start writing the code. I just wanted to get some news on the project page, so here it is.

Posted by Eric Will 2003-11-20