On 12/29/06, Tom Eastep <teastep@shorewall.net> wrote:
Steven Kiehl wrote:

> Everything seems to be running.  I've got dhcpd listening on eth0
> (local) and eth1 (net) is about to receive its IP via dhcp from my ISP,
> but when hit 'repair' on my local windows box, it fails to receive an IP
> via dhcp, and nothing shows up in the logs on the firewall.

If you "shorewall clear", does it work?

"shorewall clear" does not appear to fix the issue.  It says "Clearing shorewall..." then "IP Forwarding Enabled" and then "done."  But after it's done, I still cannot get an IP from the firewall's dhcpd server.  Still no messages come up on the logs for any sort of IP leases or attempts.  Not even any shorewall messages.