Hello All,
I have this scenario:
Shorewall "A"
ppp0 - net
eth1 - loc-a -
eth2 - loc-b - (
eth3 - loc-c -
Shorewall "B"
ppp0 - net
eth1 - loc-d - (
eth2 - loc-e -
Today, I'm running a Squid Proxy at Shorewall "A" (, and all people at "loc-a, loc-b and loc-c", use this proxy.
Now, I need to create a second option, to use the Squid Proxy at Shorewall "B", (, from, and
At my "/etc/shorewall/rules", I have:
REDIRECT    loc-a    3128        tcp        80
REDIRECT    loc-b    3128        tcp        80
REDIRECT    loc-c    3128        tcp        80
ACCEPT        $FW    net
Now, I need that can access the proxy server on ip address?
REDIRECT     loc-a:     tcp    80     (is it correct ???)
Who can help me?
Best regards,
Watanabe Anderson.