I am completely obtuse for some reason today, I'll send the list a dump tomorrow morning.


On 09/30/2012 07:12 PM, Tom Eastep wrote:
On 9/30/12 6:49 PM, Nathan Kennedy wrote:
I understand that "It doesn't work" doesn't help too much but frankly
this is confusing me as all get out.  I have setup shorewall a ton of
times on previous versions of Ubuntu, Gentoo and CentOS with no problems
yet this one is causing me fits.  Why would ping to the outside world
work but no other protocols are being allowed out and there are no log
entries to speak of?  I'm not totally certain this is entirely a
shorewall issue but I am lost for place to look other than dropping to
ubuntu 10.04 and getting it setup there where I know it works.
As I indicated in my earlier post, there is information that you could
provide that might help us help you. If you don't want to give us that
information, then falling back to 10.04 is your only option.


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