On 8/28/06, Tom Eastep <teastep@shorewall.net> wrote:
David Mohr wrote:
> On 8/28/06, J. R. Barreras <barreras@g3security.com> wrote:
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>> Wow!!!
>> Yes, RTFM, but... where is the Manual!?!? :)
>> Thnks!!!!!
> Hmm, what else BUT the location of the manual has Tom sent you?
> ----> http://www.shorewall.net/Multiple_Zones.html   <---

I think that he was saying that prior to my message, he was willing to RTFM but
he just didn't know which FM to R :-)

Haha, yes, you are absolutely right. It is funny how obvious language becomes, when someone points the correct meaning out to you. And I ask myself, how could I missunderstand it in the first place...