Amir Haris,

Why don't you plan your work and work your plan, you will waste your effort if you are in hurry. As far as I know, is the best documented package I had ever seen. Spend some time reading and understand it.

This goes the same to OpenVPN or any that you may come across.


Amir Haris Ahmad <> wrote:
Michael Cozzi  ... i will study about the OpenVPN

On 1/31/06, Cristian Rodriguez <> wrote:
Amir Haris Ahmad wrote:
> Ermm.. well the application server is the critical database server..

That's another reason to implement a decent solution right now.

at this
> time.. i need the fast solutions

Fast solutions ... no. security needs REAL ,reliable,manageable  solutions.

which mean using shorewall.. and on next
> stage.. i will figure out .. and perhaps using vpn... for now i found
> shorewall drop and shorewall allow. can the shorewall allow a certain ports?
> which mean allow port 3079.. e.g allow from with 3079 port?


ACCEPT    net:

<zoneof-the-internal-system>:ip-of-the-internal-system tcp 3079

good luck, and you have been warned.

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