New version Shop DB released!

Shop DB - the program for the account and the analysis of sales in trade. It is used for the control of a turn of the goods over shop and the analysis of profit on sales.

Shop DB is a shop engine written completely in Java.
The Shop DB will run in any certified Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

You need to install the following to get started with Shop DB

* A Java Engine - You can take either the Runtime environment (JRE) or the Development Kit (SDK).
* Shop DB Engine -

To run the program from the bash file:
Windows: Shop.bat

To run the program from the command line, go to the Shop folder and type the following:

java -jar Shop.jar
java -cp .;Shop.jar Shop

для Linux/Unix:
java -jar Shop.jar
java -cp .:Shop.jar Shop

Posted by Yuriy Mikhaylovskiy 2011-03-12

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